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Child Exploitation (CE): Raising Awareness Training

This is one of our most popular and effective training programmes, Loudmouth have a long history of working on child exploitation (CE) issues including Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and criminal exploitation such as County Lines. This powerful and thought provoking training gives participants an insight into the real experiences of those affected by child exploitation, helping participants to spot signs of grooming and understand how they can help to protect and support children and young people.

The training uses drama from our long running and successful Working for Marcus education programme and allows participants to really unpick the complexity of the issues in a safe environment. 

  • 98% of participants rated the training as excellent.
  • 97% of professionals said they preferred the style of Loudmouth’s training to other approaches they had received before.
  • 90% of participants said that the training had considerably or greatly increased their awareness of the impact of sexual exploitation.

"Loudmouth’s training is consistently well-praised by participants with many citing how it had brought the morning’s training “to life” for them. The impact and significance of the performance is most obvious in the workshops which are skilfully facilitated by the actors after the performance allowing participants to further explore and develop their knowledge, ask questions and de-brief in a safe environment." - Lead Practitioner, Barnardo's

This training has been used by the police, LCSBs and Public Health to train local professionals and extracts have been used at national conferences for organisations such as Barnardo’s, Brook and NWG to provide a realistic and powerful way to bring the issues to life.

This training has produced tangible results including an increase in referrals to GPs who attended the training and changes in practice now that professionals knew how to spot signs of grooming and exploitation.

Our experienced and skilled trainers share their knowledge of the issues whilst providing a fresh way for professionals to empathise with those affected by child exploitation and importantly learn skills and knowledge that will help them in their roles.

The standard training course lasts 2 hours and can be used as a stand alone training or as part of your own longer training session to help provide a realistic context and case study.

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PSP CE Printable Evidence Report.pdf

Evaluation Summary of CSE Training in Sandwell 2015.pdf

Evaluation Report Birmingham Healthcare Trust 2016.pdf